Monday, March 19, 2012

On quick picture before signing off

It is late here, but wanted to share with you a picture of my most moving experience so far. Thanks to the connections of our guide, we were able to visit the excavated ruined under a covent in Nazareth which is closed to the public. Here there is the remains of one of 40 or so houses that comprised the village in Jesus time. The sister who guided us, who is an archeologist, reminded us that with such a small village Jesus must have been in this house at sometime as he grew up and spent time with his neighbors. The other great find in this dig was the discovery of a first century tomb, complete with a rolled stone blocking the door. This must have been what Jesus tomb in Jerusalem must have looked like. it was very moving to be deep underground in this spot with no other tourists, just our little group.

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Nina-Jo Moore said...

Too cool! Love this picture.

Marilyn H. said...

How fortunate you were to get a chance to see this.