Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 6: March 18, Holy Sepulcher

The day tarted out very early and very cold. We left the college about 6 AM for the 15 minute walk to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in order to beat the crowds. There were already three or four services underway when we

arrived--all at the same time. There was the noise of chanting in different languages, bells ringing, and lots of incense--all in a huge ancient stone structure--chaotic and mysterious all at once. We got a good view of Greek Patriarch who was visiting with a big procession and lots of cameramen.
His vestments were spectacular, especially his jeweled crown.

At the Dean of the College's suggestion, I had with me a stole which I had bought from Palestinian Christians to place on the "Stone of Anointing" where Jesus lay after the cruxificion. This is traditional for priests to do in the Eastern Church.

At 11 AM, I celebrated at St George's Cathedral, and the Dean preached.
There were about 50 people there, and I have not been so cold in church since I was in England. Many in our group, including me, seem to have the sniffles from all our time in the cold.

In the afternoon, we went to Museum of Israel to see their huge model of Jerusalem at the time of HerIt really helped to orient us better.

Tomorrow we leave for 3 days in Galilee, and there many not be any internet connection there, so if you don't have a posting for a few days you will understand why.

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