Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 9: March 21: Galilee and Golan

We began today with the springs at Banyas, an ancient pagan temple site where Cesarea Philipii was built. This polytheistic backdrop was the place where Jesus asked Peter, "Who do you say that I am?". There were hundreds of Jewish school kids there on the first day of spring holiday, not for Christian reasons but to see the ancient temples. This is also the source of the Jordan river.

Then it was high up Mt Hermon to visit a tiny Christian community and have some local apples and fruit, no tourists here! That is the picture of the day. A drive through war ravaged Golan Hight's,

at times within yards of the Syrian border, brought us back to the Sea for lunch. Then to my favorite spot of the day,the area where Jesus healed the Geresene demoniac whose name was Legion. I've discovered that I like the places which have the fewest tourists.

A late afternoon boat ride was great fun, and very meaningful when the captain cut the engine and we floated quietly for a few minutes around the same place that Jesus stilled the storm, although we had nearly perfect weather.

But of all our experiences today, our early morning Eucharist on the lakeside topped the list. During the sermon, a fisherman came along shore casting his nets, just like 2000 years ago.

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