Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 13: March 25

It was an emotionally draining day. We began with informal Eucharist in the lecture room of the college. I celebrated and the the six members of my "family"did the rest. There are two priests,one deacon, and two laypeople in our subgroup that keeps track of each other and debriefs at the end of the day.

AFter breakfast we spent nearly 2 hours at the holocaust museum Yad Vashem, a stunning museum but emotionally gut wrenching. We we got back on the bus, no one spoke for a long time. We then visited a rabbi in a settlement on the west bank to get the Jewish perspective on the political situation in Israel then met with a young Arab leader in one of the refugee camps. Not much hope here, both sides seem unwilling to even discuss a compromise, and right now everything is overshadowed by a possible war with Iran, which will effect the entire world should it happen. We had a tour through the camp before stopping in Bethlehem for a quick lunch. (Picture of the day).

In our free time this after Laura and I explored then Jewish Quarter of the city since I was on the hunt for a tallit or prayer shawl. We had some interesting conversations with shop keepers who all seem to be originally from the States.

One of my important insights during this trip was wishing I could have experienced the Holy Land when I was 30 rather than 60. To this end, I have decided to fund some of our most promising just out of seminary clergy so they can have the benefit of this life changing experience. It will not only effect them but also their congregations over their career.


is our last full day. Most of which will be spent in the bus.

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