Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 11' March 23

The day began very early as we began the way of the cross at 5.30 AM, just as the city was waking up. It was deeply powerful to retrace Jesus' steps. There were places where we had to contend with early morning dump trucks, but also other more garden like settings. After breakfast we followed Jesus' entry into the city starting with Bethphage, The mount of Olives, Gethsemane, and later in the afternoon, Mt Zion. Out end stop was best: the new church (St Peter Gallicantu )

built over the house of the High Priest where Jesus was first tried and scourged. Underneath is the prison area where he must have been tortured. This was only unearthed in the last century so it does not have all the accumulated building on top of it.

The picture of the day is the remains of the staircase that Jesus was led up after his arrest and when was sent onto Pilate.

On a ore secular note, we had some free time before dinner so Laura and I went out for a drink at the American Colony Hotel, partly to escape the group for a while and partly to experience this great old hotel. Where else can you get a good Martini in Jerusalem?

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