Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 8: March 20. Galilee

We saw so much today, it is hard to keep it all straight. We began with at stop at Cana where our guide helped to put the wedding at Cana in social perspective. Afterwards, I did a short renewal of marriage vows service for anyone who wanted. The it was onto Galilee where we visited a number of sites: The site of the sermon the mount. After visited the church we took ashore hike down the mountain through much new green spring growth and learned to identify "the lilies of the field", and "the wheat and the tares". It was great to get away from the tourist crowds and walk in the same landscape that Jesus did. That is the picture of the day. Later we visited the site of the feeding of the five thousand, and Peter's confession, "feed my sheep", after the resurrection. The day ended with a visit to Capherum, to see the Synagogue where Jesus shocked his listeners, and Peter's house.

The biggest surprise for me was to see how close all these sites were to Jesus's home base, all within a few mile radius. Unlike the settled sites where churches are, this is the same ground Jesus trod without the layers of rubble and buildings on the urban sites.

We are now settled in for two nights at the Pilgerhaus, A very modern hostel right on the Sea of Galilee. Our lodging in Nazareth last night was historic, but we are looking forward to a warm room and a hot shower!

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la_sale_bete said...

What a gorgeous view! It looks like you're having a great time!

Barbara Harber said...

I'm glad for your visual reminder that all of the Holy Land is not desert, rather like the Chamber of Commerce trying to tell Easterners that all of Arizona isn't the Yuma sand dunes. Spring there must be glorious.