Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 10 March 22, Back to Jerusalem

We left the excellent accommodations at Pilgerhaus at 7.30 in order to get to Mt Tabor before the crowds. When we arrived we had to switch to small shuttles for the hairpin climb to the top. We had a terrific view, and I picked up a small rock from the ruins of the old church to bring back to the Church of the Transfiguration in Mesa,and also one for my newborn third cousin named Tabor.

We made some interesting stops along the way, but the highlight was the spot at the Jordan river where Jesus was baptized. Until a few months ago this was on a closed military base, but it has been opened up and many churches are in the process of putting up new building around the ancient ruins. Even at full flood, the river is only about 15 feet wide and we could talk to the pilgrims just across from us on the Jordanian side.

Picture of the day is us at the Jordan. I will also try to put up some video later.

After some shopping in Jericho,we have now arrived back at the college.

The only downside of the trip is that about 2/3 of the folks are sick with a terrible cough. The bus sounds like the bronchitis ward. So far Laura and I have been

spared this plague.

Tomorrow stations of the cross at 5.30 AM

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Marilyn H. said...

The Jordan River is much smaller than I imagined. Hope you're both staying well

Wilsonjbjb said...

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