Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 11 March 24

We had a much lighter day today. Most of the morning was spent at the Sepulcher and environs. The church was very crowded so the experience want relaxing. One surprise for me is that the both Golgotha and the tomb can be contained under one roof. The best insight from the guide was that we needed to remember that Jesus is not here. " He has gone before you into Galilee.". Interestingly Eastern churches this church is known, not as the Holy Sepulcher

, but as the Church of the Resurrection.

The photo of the day is of the light coming in the central rotunda right over the tomb.

We had the afternoon off. Laura did some shopping while I visited the nearby church of St Stephen. It is on the grounds of a French institute, so I had to ring to get in a d was the only person there. A nice place to meditate on a warm afternoon.

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