Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First day March 13

We arrived at St George's College about 5 PM, and after settling into our dorm style room, joined the community here for Evening Prayer. There are folks from as far away as Australia and Melanesia. We were on our own for supper so walked to a nearby hotel and had a nice dinner--lamb kabobs and seafood pasta. We slept fairly well, considering the time difference.

We made our first foray into the old city this morning. It is about a 10 minute walk from the school. It is a bit like stepping back 1000 years. We made our way through many narrow streets and finally ended up at the Western Wall. Far more people looking at it than praying. Women and men are separated if you want to pray. I placed my hand it an remembered many people here and at home, the most moving experience of the day.

After a rest, I went back to explore some of the Via Dolorosa, while Laura did some shopping in closer to home for a few forgotten items. Since I look so much like a tourist, it is hard just to walk around without getting glommed onto by every shop keeper. I tried to seek out little back streets when possible.

Tonight we have our first dinner as group and many introductions, I am sure!

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