Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trip to Spain Day 8, Monday

Woke up to drizzle in Santiago. We did not need to get started until later today at 10. So we had a nice breakfast and got packed. Feeling pretty good but some congestion. We had a very long drive through light rain trough Galicia. We were headed for a beach, but it was clear that our guide did not know exactly where she was going. When we got there it was raining hard, so no one looked at the ocean for very long. We had a nice lunch at a seaside place in
overlooking a port with lots of fishing vessels. It looked a bit like Newport, Oregon. Lunch was salmon croquets, fish soup with little clams in it--very good. Then a whole seabass, also very good, and some kind of flan with chocolate sauce for dessert. Then back on the bus with heavier rain and lowering skies and everyone fell asleep.

We arrived at the center of Ovieto, where it was raining hard. Many wanted to stay on the bus, but Laura and I got off with several others. Saw the gloomy cathedral, where there were no pictures allowed, and a priest scolding me for forgetting to take off my hat. Outside in the plaza people were preparing for a festival. Much very loud jazz music. In spite of the rain, Ovieto impressed us as a very livable small city with lovely parks and many modern buildings. Onto our ultra modern hotel. It was too minimalist for even Laura but we enjoyed seeing another aspect of Spain. We were on our own for dinner, so we walked next door to the modern shopping mall, had beer and "bacon" and cheese sandwiches. I bought some new sweat socks to replace my smelly ones. All in all a dreary day, but we got a good antidote to medieval Spain.

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Location:Calle de la Carrera,Santillana del Mar,Spain

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