Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spain trip Friday, day 4

It was a great day, wonderful weather and three main stops.

1.Right after breakfast we walked next door to the Church of San Domingo.
I was very impressed with the work of this 11th Cent. Saint who was a kind of early St. Francis. He worked to free prisioners and their chains are hung up in the walls of the church.
2. Around noon we stopped in Carrion, and saw some wonderful small churches and ate fried calamari.
3. The big stop of the day was at Leon cathedral. This very large building was done in the french style--like Burgos--but was being extensively renovated. That made it great to look out outside--blinding white, but it was a mess inside, including the voicing of the new organ which made it very hard to hear anything. Although beautiful, most of us found it hard to pray in this place.
After we left the group to walk on our own back to the hotel, I sought out the church of St Isidore, where the saint by that name is buried. Although he died int he 6th century, he was recently picked to be the patron saint of computers--so I said some prayers for my techie friends and for the intercession of the saint when I can't get my own machines to work right!
We had another elegant dinner and then a discussion of the days events in a lovely room with 30 foot high carved ceilings. We are wondering if we--enjoying the luxury of this tour--can possibility have the same experiences as those who put up withe pain and misery of walking.
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Location:Leon, Spain

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