Tuesday, September 24, 2013

House of Bishop's Day Five

This morning we heard a panel share their experience of how they did mission on the ground. The most impressive was the Rev. Rebecca Stevens, who has begun a women's ministry called Thistle Farms--a program for working with women who are escaping prostitution and drug abuse. She has raised millions of dollars and her program has expanded throughout the world. She spoke with passion and reminded us that "A Church without beggars is a museum." This theme was picked up in our afternoon Eucharist when Stephanie Spellers challenged us to "Go, talk, heal, and dwell" with the communities we serve. Great lively music too!

In the evening I joined two other bishops in planning our trip to the House of Bishops in Taiwan next fall. We hope to extend our stay there for a few days to see more of the work of the church in Asia. Conversation was great, and the food at the cafe we visited excellent too.

Laura returned today to Phoenix, where I will be too in a couple more days!

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Pam Mulac said...

Hope you get to the museum in Taipei. We taught in Tai Chun and only learned of the fantastic museum after returning home from Pacific Rim teaching.

Lisa Jones said...


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