Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spain trip, Day 6, September 15, 2013

Not too many interesting pictures today, since it was spent mostly in the bus driving from Leon to Santiago. Also I was coming down with a cold, so was not in the best shape of the trip so far. I am one of the youngest of this mostly older group, but I seem to be the only one who has had health problems so far.

Just before we arrived in Santiago, our guide let those of us who wanted to to get out of the bus and walk in the last few miles with the rest of the pilgrims, I was glad I did so, but there was not much to see except the outskirts of a small city. It does not even look "medieval" until about the last half mile, and then the spectacular site of the cathedral plaza is suddenly upon you!

Our parador is even more spectacular than the last--being the oldest hotel in the world, built in 1499 for pilgrims who stayed in luxury at the expense of the kind. The first pilgrimages who arrive every day are still fed gratis by the hotel. We are located right on the main square, which is teaming with pilgrims, tourists, and the kind of people you would find in Times Square, with much excitement and and partying.

After another way to lavish dinner, which included octopus, we were off to bed. More than feeling "fluish" I was also very anxious about my health--what if I could not go on the trip, etc, etc" Finally, at Laura's prompting, I took a one of the emergency Xanax pills my Dr had given me--which knocked me out so deeply, that Laura could hardly rouse me the next morning. But after a few cups of coffee, I was feeling much better and ready to face the cathedral and church services--more on that coming up!

(Again, note that I have having trouble getting this blog site to take pictures--but I am posting a few each day on facebook)

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