Friday, September 13, 2013

Pilgrimage to Spain, Day Three

It was not the best day for me. Apparently on our mad dash trough the Madrid airport carrying luggage, I managed to pull a muscle in my arm, which strain has resulted in constant "twitching" making it almost impossible to sleep,so I was pretty groggy through most of the day. (I write this on Friday, and thanks to drugs and a good night's sleep, I am 100% better today). It was also a long day on the bus. First stop was a mysterious octagonal churchbult by the Knights Templar about 1200 standing alone in a corn field Then a long trip into the city of Burgos, lunch at a very chic hotel, followed by a great tour of the cathedral, newly renovated, very late gothic. But an even bigger hit was the peace and quiet of a Carthusian monastery outside of town. The monks here help support themselves by selling rosaries made from rose petals so that grounds smell wonderful. Back to St Domino de Cadaza to another lovely "parador' hotel made from old historic buildings, for dinner--which in Spain is not served until 8.30 PM, a debriefing session and bed.

By the way I am having posting pictures on the blog, apparently my files are too big. I am doing better getting them onto facebook.

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Location:Area near Burgos, Spain

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Susie said...

Sorry to hear about your arm, but glad you're better--you're all seeing some fascinating places--enjoy!