Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spain Trip, Day 1, Sept 10, 2013

Our trip went very smoothly. We apparently got out of Phoenix just before the big rain storm hit. We made all of our connections, and except for some pretty rough air over the North Atlantic, all went well until we arrived in Madrid and discovered that we had only an hour to make it through customs and get to the other end of the airport for our connection to Pamploma. This mean we had to go out of security and back in again. Fortunately the woman at the desk was extremely helpful, filled out a form and told us to hurry, which we did, sprinting for about a half mile to the gate, where had about 5 minutes to spare. I am still not sure what would have happened if we had missed this flight!

We hooked up with the rest of the group--18 in all, and made our first stop to Roncevalles first stop for pilgrims coming over the mountains from France, and scene of the largelly legendary Song of Roland, when Charlemagnes troops were defeated by the "Saracens", actually irate Christian ciitizens of Pamploma who he had mistreated. You may remember having to read this classic work of early medieval history in a college class.

After a very long and bumpy ride through very scenic countryside, we finally arrived at out stop for the next two nights, the medieval hill town of Sos Del Rey. We hare now having a short rest before dinner--8 PM is the earliest one can eat in Spain!

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Location:Sos Del Rey, Spaing

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Buen camino! Are you going on foot, bicycle, or other means?