Monday, July 13, 2009

No pictures, but breaking news!

This afternoon we had our first controversial action. Deputies passed resolution DO 25 which essentially reaffirmed that the ordination process (including that of bishop) was open to all people. This was a movement away from the "restraint" of last convention's famous B033. Although BO33 was not exactly overturned (it will take an election of an openly gay person to make that happen, which frankly is not likely to happen anytime soon), this resolution was a defacto repudiation of that stance. When it came time for House of Bishop's to act, we concurred with the House
of Deputies 99 to 45.

I voted yes on this, in spite of what some inaccurate earlier reports said. It is time for us to be clear about who we are as a church in spite of the fact that it may make things harder for us in the Anglican Communion. The good news is the language of this resolution was thoughtful, considerate, and moderate in tone. I believe that even most of the my more conservative colleagues can live with it, even thought they may not have voted for it.

Tomorrow we will tackle blessings of same sex unions. I suspect that will be be a tighter and more difficult race. Please keep us in your prayers!


Theresa said...

Bravo Bishop, Bravo. Now maybe you can get down to the important things that are happening in your churches. Stewardship, Fellowship, Growth, Outreach. Seems to me that so much time is being wasted away on this one issue, when we could be using our valuable time and energy on more important and much more deserving projects.

kitty said...

Thank you, Bishop. I think the bishops have stepped up to the plate and not just sat in the dugout. If baptism makes us members of the Body of Christ, then it should also make us all equal in our ability to pursue God's call to us in whatever form that call takes.

Prayers going up that the Spirit's voice will continue to be heard throughout the church.

memcats said...

Thank you, Bishop Kirk and our entire AZ delegation! Bravo to all the others who joined you in this historic vote.

Jeffrey Shy said...

Thank you for your honesty and commitment. Although I would also love to "get on" with the mission of the Church, I do not feel that we have wasted time with this. GC Deputies and Bishops needed time to articulate our positions on the LGBT clergy and baptized. This will, I hope, be a strong help in the ongoing mission of the church to LGBT and non-LGBT persons in AZ and the world.

Anonymous said...

Great News,
How can we not call "Brother" one that God calls son? It is not our job to pick and choose God's people.
Praise God.

Julie said...

Thank you for your good work!

Pat Klemme said...

Thank you and thank the entire Arizona delegation for eloquently clarifying TEC's relationship with the Anglican Communion and with our GLBT faithful. This heals deep wounds, renews hope, and sets us free to get on with the work Jesus gave us to do!

See you in church!

Frank Bergen said...

I'm delighted by the affirmative votes on resolution D025 in both houses. The well-crafted resolution makes quite clear that The Episcopal Church is committed to continue its full participation in the life and mission of the Anglican Communion, in accord with its own Constitution and Canons. I would add a word of caution in predicting the course of future episcopal elections, given that the Spirit seems still to be active in the life of our Church, and we know She blows where She will.

Doug said...

Thank you, Bishop Smith, and as you say, more hard work ahead. We are all praying for you and all the rest, deputies and bishops, at General Convention

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo! Although I don't think we wasted our time on discussing this important issue, we now need to move on to reconciliation, healing as well as the big issues of stemming our church's decline and becoming once again a vibrant, growing part of the global Body of Christ.

Anonymous said...

thank you Bishop Kirk for leading the way to include all in the love of Christ. Kaze Gadway

samantha said...

Thank you and thank the entire Arizona delegation for eloquently clarifying TEC's relationship with the Anglican Communion and with our GLBT faithful.
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