Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday July 10, Running Behind!

Yesterday was so hectic, that I have not had a chance to upload a new video. I've attached one of a typical morning (7.30AM) in our Committee Room. This work is beginning to wind down now that most of our legislation has been discussed and sent out to the floor. This afternoon we had a 4 hour House of Bishops meeting. The news item was that we approved an agreement with the Moravian Church (not many of those in Arizona, but lots on the East Coast). This arrangement is similar to the one we have with the Lutherans and represents another step towards Christian unity. Tonight was the Arizona delegation dinner. About 18 of us (deputies, ECW delegates, Altar Guild) had a good time at P.F.Chang's. We were joined by Chuck Robertson, who, although he works for the Presiding Bishop, still "belongs" to Arizona. Tomorrow is not so busy, and I will try to get some video of my public humiliation for having lost a bet on the Superbowl to the Diocese of Pittsburg!

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