Wednesday, July 8, 2009

House of Bishops gathers, Wed. July 8

This was really the first full day of Convention. I started early with my committee meeting where we made some good process on the seven or so resolutions on our agenda. At 9.15 AM the opening Eucharist Convention took place with Presiding Bishop Schori preaching and celebrating. It was an impressive sight to see about 8000 Episcopalians from all over the globe united in worship. Logistically it was impressive that everyone was able to receive the bread and wine in about 10 minutes. In the afternoon there were more meetings and the first long session of the House of Bishops. We met for 1/2 hour privately before the visitors gallery is opened, and people come streaming in. We welcomed a large number of visiting bishops and Primates, including the Archbishop of Canterbury who gave an address about world poverty in the evening. I did not attend this, thinking it would be too crowded, but Laura did and found it very compelling. Some drinks with friends and then dinner concluded the evening. Lots of work, and also lots of socializing!

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