Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, July 6th--Ready to Go!

This was the last relaxing day we will have for a while--tomorrow is a 7AM to 9 PM schedule! Laura spent much of the day helping to ferry visiting archbishops from the airport. I spent the afternoon in the last orientation and briefing session we have before our committees go into session at 8 AM tomorrow. One person leaned over to me during the meeting and whispered half-seriously, "The purpose of this gathering is to raise our anxiety level." I am one of the co-chairs, and since I have never done this before, I am a bit nervous. Walking home from dinner tonight, I stopped at the local donut place and bought 2 dozen donuts to share with the committee tomorrow morning. Maybe I can buy their affection! The video for tonight is a peak at our hotel room. When I did this at Lambeth, it proved to be the most popular of my postings. I doubt that the inside of a American hotel room is quite as exotic, but here goes...

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Nathaniel Smith said...

you should upload these videos to facebook too.