Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Off To Camp Allen

It seems that I only activate my blog when I am attending a church gathering. Tomorrow I leave for the Spring House of Bishop's meeting which meets at Camp Allen, TX outside of Houston. (www.campallen.org).

The meeting will be for about a week and will focus on a number of business items as well as hearing presentations about the "future church." I am looking forward to it as time of fellowship with my Episcopal colleagues.

I plan to post an update on this site each day, and this year, I will be making use of Twitter. To follow me on Twitter go to #azbishop. I will also do my best to post some pictures and perhaps video each day as well. I will aim to give you all a sense of what we are doing and my thoughts and reactions along the way in keeping with constraints of confidentiality of those participating.

As always, I welcome your comments and questions at the end of each post! Please pray for me and my brother and sister bishops as we gather together.

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Holly said...

hope it all goes well. travel safely.