Thursday, March 18, 2010

Intentional Listening --March 18

The attached photo shows the cross in the middle of Camp Allen. It is a popular place to be, not just for prayer but because it is one of the few places here where you can get good cell phone reception! If you look carefully you can see Bp. Skip Adams (Central New York) and Jim Curry

(Suffragan, Connecticut) checking in with the home front.

Today was given over to peer coaching. This meeting was required of those who, like myself, will be serving for a three year period as a "mentor" to a new bishop. Our consulant, David Rennick, was with us recently in Arizona, where he worked with our presbyters at their annual retreat at Chapel Rock.

Doing this is such a powerful experience. I am always amazed at the effect that just a short period spent with a trained listener can make. It is such a gift to have someone listen attentively and deeply to your hopes and dreams and not try to solve your problems, but simply to be with you. What we learned will easily translate into all the pastoral situations we are in.

The numbers are increasing tonight, since we get started with the whole group tomorrow afternoon. There about 8 candidates for the

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