Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Arrival at Camp Allen--March 17

It was an easy trip from Phoenix to Camp Allen, which is about an hour's drive from the Houston airport. Lovely early spring weather here--blue sky, puffy clouds, and just cool enough for a jacket.

I always enjoy Camp Allen. The facilities are great and so is the hospitality. It is also an easy trip from Phoenix.

I am here one day earlier than most, since I am part of a College for Bishops' mentor group. Each new bishop is assigned a mentor for three years. When I was new, my mentor was Bishop Alexander of Atlanta. Its now my turn, and I will be working with Bishop Brian Prior of Minnesota. That training starts tomorrow. Tonight there were about 15 of us. We had wine and cheese and dinner together, but it seemed rather quiet in the big dining room.

There was news today that Mary Glasspool has received all her needed consents. I believe that she will be arriving tomorrow and I look forward to meeting her.


Holly said...

i plan to be at her consecration in LA!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are "mentoring" Bishop Brian Prior--he is a very strong supporter of youth. Kaze

Anonymous said...

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