Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Church in Decline?

In the last few days there has been considerable discussion on the national church's listserve about whether or not the Episcopal Church is dying. I won't get into the statistical arguments (my view is there is both good and bad news), but I will share a comment made by one of the delegates to our Diocesan Convention which was held this past Friday and Saturday:

We rejoiced today at the Diocesan Convention in Arizona with Christ Church of the Ascension in Paradise Valley and its new priest -- it's the parish which most definitely did not leave. We accepted as a companion the Diocese of Western Mexico with great opportunities for mutual support as together we straddle the border.And we accepted as mission congregations the three start-ups of the last couple of years, one of which is a Sudanese congregation -- the first in the country, we were told, to have its own church building.We passed a budget with .7 % for the MDGs and encouraged all congregations to do the same by 2009.

I would simply add, Does this sound like a church in decline?

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Kaye said...

thanks, Bishop. It is good to hear good news about the people of God.