Friday, July 13, 2012

Wrong on Every Count

One expects good journalism from the Wall Street Journal.  What we got instead today in their reporting of General Convention was an inaccurate and nasty diatribe against the Episcopal Church in general and our Presiding Bishop in particular.

I hesitate even to give out the link to this example of muckraking, but I guess I must if I am to refute the errors it contains. If you are an Episcopalian and read it, be prepared to be slimed.

The reporter himself as an Episcopalian, but it is clear that he knows little or nothing about our Church.  I very much doubt he even attended.

The Article is entitled, "What Ails the Episcopalians" and begins by saying that General Convention "is noted for sheer ostentation and carnival atmosphere. For seven straight nights, lavish cocktail parties spilled into pricey steakhouses, where bishops could use their diocesan funds to order bottles of the finest wines."

I can tell you as a veteran of three of these gatherings, that I have never come close to a lavish party or a bottle of expensive wine.  I took my breakfast at Starbucks, and lunch was usually at Subway.  Our last  dinner get together as the Arizona deputation was at a local sports bar--pictured below! Not a bottle of expensive wine in sight!

That's for starters. The Presiding Bishop (whom she incorrectly calls "Bishop Shori"), her next target,  she calls "secretive an authoritarian", who rules through a cabal of committees which she controls and who "brazenly" carries a metropolitan cross in procession.  The first charge is laughable, the second just plain wrong.  Previous Presiding Bishops carried this cross because they are, well, Primates of the Church!

Next comes a whole litany of attacks one usually hears from the ultra-right--the Episcopal Church has declined because of its liberal stands on social issues (actually all expressions of organized religion in the United States are in numerical decline, the Southern Baptists--hardly a liberal church--being the leader).  The church is in financial trouble because of the cost of litigation over breakaway groups which have tried to take our property--also not true, most legal costs have been born by individual dioceses, and in fact giving to the church increased this year.

If the reporter had bothered to talk to those of us who attended, he would have learned that General Convention was a wonderfully hopeful and positive experience, with better collegiality and cooperation that I have ever seen.

We Episcopalians can be hopeful about a church that has the self-awareness to take on its own restructuring, take prophetic positions on the world's urgent problems, include all people in its sacramental life, and proclaim to the Good News of Jesus in many new and creative ways.  And we do it all in a uniquely democratic manner, which is sometimes messy, but always Spirit-filled. 

I am at loss to understand how the Journal would permit this kind of article to published in its paper without even checking basic facts.  Could it be that the editorial board has connections with some of those groups who seek to discredit "mainline" American churches?  In any event, such "reporting" is hardly worthy of such a venerable publication.

I have only one more thing to say to the Wall Street Journal:  I am cancelling my subscription.

[Note:  Since I wrote this on July 13, I have learned a few things.  First, the Wall Street Journal reporter is not a woman, as I originally thought, and he has written before for Virtue Online.   I was also reminded that the Journal is now owned by Rupert Murdoch who uses his media outlets to further his own right wing agenda.  I would also recommend two additional responses. George Congar is a conservative writer, but he too has panned this particular hatchet job.  Scott Gunn, head of Forward Movement Publications, provides a closer criticism of the article at]


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CarlJ said...

I hope you will write them a sharply worded editorial as a parting jab, Bishop!

CarlJ said...

And by the way, our deputation sat immediately behind the AZ deputation - you can be very proud of your Deputies!

Kirin Nielsen said...

Excellent response, Bishop. All of those false comments smell of outright prejudice, lies, and a mission to discredit the ECUSA. It would be interesting to find out what the author actually knew and experienced. Truly aggravating and infuriating. Congratulations on unsubscribing

kallman said...

The WSJ I believe is owned by Rupert Murdock, who is hardly a paragon of responsible journalism. I do hope you call them on this. Whether they print it or not is another story.

kallman said...

The WSJ I believe is owned by Rupert Murdock, who is hardly a paragon of responsible journalism. I do hope you call them on this. Whether they print it or not is another story.

betsy said...

Thank you, Bishop. I am seething as a priest and former journalist and deputy in Indy. Thank you.

Judy said...

Thank you, Bishop. Judy Fleener from Western Michigan

Matt Marino said...

I hope they print your response. Unfortunately, the facts are never as interesting as sensational accusations and slander.

Scoop (Leslie Scoopmire) said...

I wasn't there, although I would love to have been, but I havecread the resolutions, and this writer obviously has an agenda with which I do not agree. To be fair, I think we were cowardly regarding the Anglican Covenant, which should have been rejected forvthe travesty it is. But I read the resolutions, and they do not reflect what this person wrote. Once again, I ask, "where are these laypersons who want tompreside at Eucharist, besides Australia?" i have never met or heard of anyone wishing to see this happen. This opinion piece was crazy.

Charlie said...

According to the Proposed Budget for the 2013-2015 Triennium, TEC spend $3,115,190 in 2010-2012. for 'Litigation to safeguard property churchwide' and budgeted $2,000,000 for 2013-2015.
Are these figures correct? Where does one find the amount spent by each diocese to "safeguard" church property?

Mrrphh said...

Thank you, Bishop.

$3 mil nationwide is extremely modest. I take it this is for non-Diocesan properties or is it to help dioceses? Do we have insurance for this sort of then?

Susan+ O'Shea
Retired Chaplain with a cat named Mrrphh. Heh heh.

Sherman Frederick said...

Cancelling your subscription is the wrong approach. An op-ed, perhaps. Or your blog is effective. Perhaps the best rebuttal is for all bishops to give the church full public accounting of discretionary funds used at the convention. If everyone were as frugal as you and the Arizona delegation, then the argument is over.

Jay Phillippi said...

Just FYI Bishop it appears your source was wrong. The Jay Akasie I find (who would seem to meet descriptions I've seen as a Columbia School of Journalism grad) is a man.

Otherwise I thought your response was brilliant. I was at GC77 working with the Official Youth Presence and what Mr. Akasie wrote did not resemble what I saw at all.

Sherman Frederick said...

One more point: The WSJ piece says we spent time at convention discussing a service for cats and dogs? Is that true?

Anonymous said...

We Episcopalian may be "messy" in our trnasaction of business, but we always seek to be Spirit-filled and Jesus-filled...and that sometimes leads us into new understandings.

Denis A. Root, Layman,Diocese of Tennessee said...

She (Ms. Schori) is not a Primate, she is the Presiding Bishop. Check out the original Constitution of our church. The only good news of the debacle (Convention) was it adjourned before they fully ruined our Church. I have been a member of this Church for 72 years. I am a 15th generation Anglican. I have never been so embarrassed by people who are supposed to be able to read. Please review the Articles of Religion (BCP) Article VI. Then consider your position as to Scripture. This Church is not an all inclusive club, it our most holy home, where we worship the risen Christ.

Sherman Frederick+ said...

I can't believe I'm posting three comments. But I thought I'd add that from what I read via the magic of the Internet ... the PB's closing sermon was excellent. She's a great speaker (but a clumbsy consensus builder) in my opinion and personal experience. And one of the highlights was the elevation of Arizona's the Rev. Nick (last name escapes) to bishop of RI. I may preach on one of his observations about how Episcopalians are called NOT to "agree" with each together, but to "pray" together.

Chase said...

Great response! It's sad that social justice is met with slander.

John B. Chilton said...

A commenter above asked about pets.

If the WSJ op-ed wants to take us to task for being pastoral towards pets and their people, so be it. I'm glad we are.

Neil Houghton said...

Thank you Bishop. I was with Rochester behind your deputation as well. This is a bizarre thing to see in the WSJ. It's not reporting, It's not identified as opinion. If I thought it were just hack journalism I would be angry enough. But the comment about Murdoch ownership reveals that he is intent on doing in the US what he has been disposed for in the UK. Very sad. And an apology is due.

John B. Chilton said...

The op-ed also said the "entire" South Carolina deputation "stormed" out. Also false. None of the South Carolina deputation and not all left early. South Carolina remained represented on the floor of the House of Deputies.

The Menu Maven said...

I hope your piece gets published far and wide. Clearly the author of that piece got slammed in most of the 170+ comments I glanced at.

John B. Chilton said...

More evidence "Jay" is a he,

From 2008: "Mr. Akasie, a lifelong Episcopalian, is a contributor to The New York Sun."

Tregonsee said...

Bishop, in the WSJ article you have a precious opportunity to see how TEC is perceived by the majority of Christians, if you have the wit and humility to learn from it.

Rev. Kurt Huber said...

Thank you Bishop for this rebuttal.

As one who did not attend GC, your words are very helpful.

Rev. Kurt Huber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apostle In Exile said...

Please remember that this piece in the WSJ never pretended to be an objective news report. It was clearly labeled as opinion.

Sacristy Dog said...

Thanks, thanks, and ever thanks, Bishop for your posting. I look forward to hearing more from you concerning this issue.

(A note to Denis A Root who posted a reply: The Presiding Bishop is a Primate. As a 17th generation Anglican (with ancestry responsible for helping to author the first BCP) I stand with you in loving our church, but would remind you that is should indeed be an all inclusive club if we really are paying attention to the message of our Risen Lord.)

DeaconScott said...

Bishop -

I really appreciated this quick response to the libel published earlier today in the SWJ, and it's a really good start, but I gotta say it's not ready for publication.

Work it up some more; do a point-by-point refutation of everything (not just the main points that irritated you), then boil down the number of words to a bare minimum, and publication as a rebuttal piece. If the WSJ won't, then the NYT or some other reputable national paper.

And yes, don't say you're unsubscribing -- that's troll behavior in the publishing world.

John White said...

How the mighty WSJ has fallen. What can you expect after infection by Rupert Murdock.

Episcopal priest in Jamestown, NY said...

Well said, Kirk! I was baffled by many of the claims she made.

Jon+ said...

What a disappointing response to a very trenchant WSJ piece. You have refuted nothing, except "steakhouses." And there, you haven't refuted anything either. I share the hope that your piece is published far and wide, because it will seal MISTER Akasie's triumph. (Yes---he's male, as four seconds of online research could have informed you.) What an embarrassment the rump left wing of the church has become.

Jon+ said...

As to a metropolitan cross---you've made that up. It's new to Schori, and shame on her for affecting it. Little Popess Katie.

revbindy said...

I love that - Popessa! I accept it, too. Popessa Katie - excellent.

Anonymous said...

Jon+ -- I want you to know that I'm going to pray for you tonight, that your hard heart and your stiff neck be softened, because you are so mean.

Sarah said...

My husband and I read and discussed this piece on the way to dinner. My husband is a priest, but once was a newspaper reporter. He plans to write the WSJ tomorrow and complain as there were so many errors in this article which he says was opinion, but still, it should have been correct. I suggest others write their own complaints. It should have never been published and they are at fault.

Nick Marshall said...

Does this "Journalism" have any factual basis for this assault at all or is this simply "Yellow Journalism"?

Unknown said...

One has to wonder why...but then, the Wall Street Journal has built it's reputation on something other than the beautiful and the spiritual.
I choose to love my enemies, and to pray for those who persecute the open beauty and spirituality of our wonderful church!
Let's all remember that journalism is often replete with blah blah blah...I'll certainly pray that Mr. A may learn to appreciate beauty, and that he may experience one heck of an epiphany...

Chaplain Diana Wilcox said...

All I can say is, having also attended GC2012 is, AMEN!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Perry Ouzts said...

Correction to Jon+: Bishop Jefferts Schori is not the first Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church to carry the metropolitan cross. Both Presiding Bishops Browning and Griswold carried it; I just Googled the photos, which you may do also.

Unknown said...

Your Grace:

The article in question was not wrong on every count. I will yield to your eye-witness on the party and wine accusation, but you know very well that the lawsuits have been directed by the National church and are an absolutely unnecessary action.

As for calling Her Grace the Presiding Bishop by her last name, how does that bring dishonor to her?

The General Convention, by voting for the same-sex blessings provisions have directly contradicted Holy Scripture. You are Bishop of the Holy Church. Your calling in life is to read, digest, and teach what the Bible says. The G.C. has declared that we should bless what God has called sin in both the Old and New Testaments.

You are a Bishop. Your job is to defend your flock from the wolves of false teachers. Your commentary suggests to me that you are inviting them in, not driving them out. The souls in your care are in peril. Please consider very carefully this road you are leading them down.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many comments are being spent on the gender of the author... is that really what's important here?

Not to mention... if we want to determine the gender of the author, according to General Convention, the only way to do so is to ask the author what s/he identifies with best today. Because the author can identify her/himself as whatever gender s/he wants and it will be true. That's apparently what we believe.

PadreTampa said...

Jon+ Presiding Bishop Griswald used the metropolitical staff as his pastoral staff. Presiding Bishop Jefferts-Schori is not the first to do so.

Jane Ellen+ said...

The presiding bishops' staff and primatial cross did not originate with Bishop Jefferts-Schori.  I don't know when it started, but I found mention of it passing from Bp. Allin to Bp. Browning in 1986.

Now, shall we please cease the irrational mean-spiritedness and name-calling? I can't say as I agree with everything that comes out of General Convention, either; but such behavior is inappropriate toward anyone, let alone our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Jane Schmoetzer+

mark spaulding said...

Thank you Bishop! Well said!

Tom Sramek, Jr. said...

Regarding whether or not the Presiding Bishop is the Primate of The Episcopal Church:

Canon I.3.4:
Sec. 4 (a) The Presiding Bishop shall be the Chief Pastor and Primate of the Church.

My suspicion is that Presiding Bishops started carrying a Primatial Staff after this canon was added...

Larry Barras said...

Dear Bishop, I encourage you to rethink your response and turn your heart and respond in Christ's Love to the author of the Wall Street Journal opinion editorial.

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

When I see a Bishop respond in anger and bitterness, even to impugn the gender identity and Episcopalian-ness of a critic, it saddens me greatly. If the very elect, the ordained leadership of the Church, cannot find the love of God in his heart, then what is one to conclude about the Church itself?

Mr. Akasie's article may not be accurate. However, I can sympathize with his frustration, as I feel the Episcopal Church walked away from me years ago.

midwestnorwegian said...

Me thinks the "bishop" protests too much.

Particularly considering that TEC is DEAD.

Tita said...

Jay is a man. He was there for setup of the exhibits and left Indianapolis the day General Convention opened.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you subscribe to the Journal now. There aren't many clergy that I know that do. I would urge you not to unsubscribe. You sound like people I know who talk about the New York Times when then publish and opinion piece that they don't like. A good number of your parishioners read the Journal and the opinions expressed influence their thoughts. You can be much more effective for the church if you respond in a tight and well reasoned letter to the editor. Your blog post is actually a pretty good step.

Corinne Crammer said...

If Jay Akasie is a woman, he's transgendered, according to what I found online.

Fred+ said...

Thank you, Bishop, for this excellent statement. I recently retired (early) and did not go to GC77. I am a six-time Deputy veteran of GC. I don't know where that WSJ writer has been to get her data, but it wasn't the GC of the Episcopal Church in which I have been a priest for the past 35 yrs. Your words need to be spread widely. Again, thank you! Frederick Mann (canonical residence W.MO; Geographic residence Sarasota, FL)

Janet's Blog said...

We may be perceived that way by a number of people but I believe the bishop pokes many gaping holes in the perceptions. The only charitable response is to recognize the perception of some, continue in our calling and try not to make the same mistakes of perception towards those we disagree with.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Christians perception of TEC are based on what they read/hear in the news media. If your point is that TEC should do a better job of avoiding being defined by the news media then I completely agree. If, however, your point is that TEC should bow to the perception of the majority, then I would simply remind you that 2,000 years ago, the people in charge tried to get Jesus to do the same thing...

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Thanks for your rebuttal of this. I had to laugh about the expensive wine business since many dioceses have diocesan policy prohibiting funds being spent on alcohol or that "equally attractive non-alcoholic options" be at functions. That would make for some pretty high-end Shirley Temples, now wouldn't it?

I'm going to work of the old adage that "good press is good press and bad press is often good press, too." Perhaps some folks will show up at our doorsteps to see just how decadent we are and decide they actually like us!

Anonymous said...

This response is so very typical of all we have lost in recent decades as TEC has moved away from its historic and Biblical foundations of Christianity. I don't listen to statements by those who jump in to attack any individual's Faith, as this bishop does in projecting that the original author has never attend a TEC service, e.g. That's a typical anarchist technigue, and the Bishop should keep quiet if that is how he argues/debates.

Anonymous said...

Worse than any charge against big spending, high living and all the rest of it is the obvious spiteful tone of this bishop's reply. I'd rather he bought expensive wine than be so un-/Christian in his judgments of strangers (so much a stranger that the bishop guesses his gener incorrectly). It's the move away from Christianity that marks TEC as moribund and the current PB leads that movement.

Alberto in TX said...

She's a woman. And a priest. And a bishop. And the presiding bishop and primate. And I repeat, a woman. Get over it.

Alberto in TX said...

Does it hurts to hate this much? I'll pray for you.

Alberto in TX said...

Here name is Jefferts Schori. She's referred to as Bishop Jefferts Schori

Patrick Henry Readon said...

Well, the WSJ article makes TEC seem very much the way I remember it, nearly a quarter-century ago.

And the bishop's response to the article is quite in line with what bishops were saying back then.

Alberto in TX said...

And people that are supposed to read would know that she's listed as one of the 38 primate of the Anglican Communion and as primate of TEC. She IS the presiding bishop AND primate.

Anonymous said...

The WSJ certainly had the overall view of the ECOA correct. My wife and I were for many years (from the 1960s to the mid 80s) comfortable in the Episcopal Church. Both of our children were Master Servers and I served as Senior Warden, Warden, Usher and Reader in different Episcopal Diocese during that period. My wife sang in Episcopal choirs and was active in other ways. Sadly, however our beloved church caved in to their ultra liberal wing and after enduring this transformation we finally said "enough" and are now confortable in the Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod)

Small Farmer in The City said...

What is most fascinating to me is how the misinformation attacks on TEC in WSJ, VirtueOnline, T19,, etc. all seem to have been coordinated and parrot much of the same misinformation: alomst as if some group like, oh I don't know, IRD, were providing written talking points to cut and paste....

I would offer the thought that if anything TEC will simply get more attention and a broader stage to promote its contemporary and inclusive understanding of Christianity because of the botched hatchet jobs in MSM....


margaret said...

Thanks for relating the truth. I'm not sure what General Convention the "journalist" was describing, only that I wouldn't care to attend it or participate in its councils.

Anonymous said...

I attended the 2009 GC. One night while dinning in a very expensive steakhouse I spotted some clergy and spoke to them. They were annoyed that I greeted them. This puzzled me. I spoke to them in a polite manner, worthy of our diverse Episcopal Church. But now I understand. The good gentlemen were supposed to be seen in Subway. BYW Starbuck's coffee is quite pricey, I suggest that you go to Burger King. They may even give you a crown.

Dean C. Hunt said...

Thank you Bishop. I too will be cancelling my subscription. I'm sure there are many others in The Diocese of Ohio who also thank you for standing up to this piece which to me is nothing but ignorant garbage.

Charles Scott May said...

I grew up in the Church in the 30's and 40's...a 10th generation in the Ameican Church. We used the 1928 P.B., there were no women priest or members of vestries etc. and they had to wear hats...although it was rather dull I was and am in love with the Church....but at that time no one with the name of Akasie would have been welcome either by the best families or certainly not in the church were we were all solid Anglo-Saxon churchmen. But thank the Lord we are becoming progressive and welcome all of God's children...even Jay Akasie! Charles Scott May

Unknown said...

It appeared to me from the article, that the writer has had a a bad experience and still has a lot of anger. It was bitter and did not serve the author or the church I love well. I am saddened that even Rupert Murdock would allow this to happen. May God have mercy on their souls.

Unknown said...

The lack of research by a once-respected journalist is amazing. No wonder the author ran out of accuracies: none remained in his notebook. As a longtime journalist, I can only say that this article is not unique. More and more newspaper persons (not journalists) are in a hurry to meet deadline, damn the facts.
I hope everyone who has a disagreement with this article will tell the WSJ so.

Anonymous said...

It seems you belong to a club rather than a Church! I have been an Episcopalian longer than you have been alive, and your limited, intolerant name-calling is very sad.
What happened to the Episcopal Church that can accommodate liberal or conservative attitudes? We don't determine our beliefs by sexuality...we base our beliefs on Gods teachings, and you seem not to reflect them in your unkind, unChristian attitude. This could have been a teaching moment had you chosen to deal with the writer of the article with Love. You won't fill any churches with the message you have projected. Unfortunate!! said...

What an excellent riposte, Bishop!
Here, here. In sympathy, I'm cancelling my subscription too.

Dave Johnston
Los Angeles

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