Sunday, August 10, 2008

Opening ceremonies

Did anyone else find the opening ceremonies of the Olympics to be a bit scary?
There was lots of media commentary about how they marked China's entry into the world community. That certainly is true, but I wondered if they weren't also intended to shock and awe viewers around the world (and there were a record number of them in the US).

I found the huge masses of synchronized dancers to be just a bit intimidating. The message seemed to me to be, "We can get huge numbers of people to work together to do anything--those of you in the West, watch out!" I doubt I was the only one who was reminded of similar mass displays in the Nuremberg Party rallies of Nazi Germany.

If that impression is true, that America is finding itself increasingly to be a second rate economic and military power, then there are some implications for how we see ourselves as American Christians as well. Maybe we are not quite as important as we think we are?

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